About Sport Dimensions

Sport Dimensions are pioneers in the field of Physiotherapy, Rehabilitation and Performance. We have developed a series of unique protocols for optimum recovery from injury through to top level performance training. These protocols bring together our expertise in Physiotherapy, Rehabilitation and Performance, meaning that we can provide the best standard of care to all types of people, conditions and sports...[Read More]
Our aim is to provide the best Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation service to address your health, fitness and rehabilitation needs.
We have a state of the art designated Rehabilitation Area that utilises a range of unique protocols as well as highly trained rehabilitation staff.
With The Back Project, our approach is pro-active and functional, offering a sympathetic and practical solution to your back pain.
We assess the cause of symptoms and actively strengthen the muscles which support the knee, whilst protecting any injured structures.
January 2015
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Appointments & Prices

We aim to be as flexible as possible, offering appointments to suit everyone.

Your initial assessment will take up to 60 minutes, and if time will involve some treatment. Your physiotherapist will discuss with you the most appropriate treatment plan to resolve your symptoms and achieve your goals.

Please phone the clinic directly on 0208 563 0007 to book your appointment.

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Speed and Performance

We teach you how to run and then we teach you how to run faster! The Running School is an ideal programme for both beginners and long term runners who want to learn how to run efficiently and injury free, burn fat and maintain a healthy strong body, become fitter and be able to run for longer.

We assess your biomechanics and then provide specific coaching to develop your running technique and strength and advice on training programmes.

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