Physiotherapy Assessment

A physiotherapy assessment will incorporate two main parts. The first will be a series of questions aimed at gaining some information about your injury and why or how it has occurred. Then a physical examination will take place where different structures will be tested to determine the exact source and cause of pain. Where possible this assessment will also include some treatment for your problem.

Physiotherapy Treatment

This will involve a range of treatment options depending on the type and severity of your condition. Some of the methods we use include; massage, soft tissue, joint and neural mobilisation, acupuncture, gait re-education and exercise prescription. At this stage your goals will also be assessed to ensure that all treatment and rehabilitation is focused with that in mind.


Rehabilitation takes place in our dedicated rehabilitation centre with our team of Rehabilitation specialists. It involves a combination of mobility, stability and strength work achieved through innovative techniques such as backwards walking.

Sport Massage

Sport Massage can be beneficial to anyone at any time. It is effectively deep tissue massage that helps to loosen muscle, break down scar tissue, relax overactive muscles and promote recover. It can be useful for; post training recovery, pre-event preparation and regular maintenance.

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